takes. is a brand born from the idea of making people healthy with materials made from bamboo. We use TAKEFU, a fabric made of 100% bamboo, for all our items. TAKEFU is warm to the touch with a softness that you would not expect from the word bamboo. This natural material was originally developed for medical gauze due to bamboo's antibacterial properties. TAKEFU is not only good for you and comfortable. Because it is organic, it is also kind to the earth. In order to share TAKEFU with as many people as possible, takes. is working on the development of fabric that combine organic cotton as well. We make T-shirts and other simple clothes, aiming to create timeless basic designs that are suitable for everyone around the world, regardless of age or gender. takes. is not only about people, but also about the environment. We aim to use as little plastic as possible in our t-shirt production process, from the manufacturing to transportation to sales. We use cotton thread during construction, with the idea that our T-shirts will return to the earth when they have reached the end of their use. We are constantly reviewing our production methods so that we can contribute to building a business model for organic materials, which is still a developing industry. takes. is just the beginning. We are growing every day, thinking about what we can do for the health of people and the earth.



In Japanese, when describing the action of taking medicine, we use the word "fuku-yo" (服用), which is made up of the characters for "clothing" (服) and "use" (用). Why is it that a character used to describe clothes is used in such a way? It is said that it originated from the fact that people used to cover their bodies with cloths soaked in medicinal herbs when they were sick. Also, the medical text in the "Four Books and Five Classics," a ancient Chinese Confucian textbook dating back to the 3rd century B.C., describes, "Food, drink, and clothing" as "great medicines". Clothes have been considered to have a great influence on people's bodies since ancient times. This is also true today. The skin is the human body's largest organ, protecting internal organs, responding to changes in temperature, and constantly sensing its surroundings. Clothes that come in contact with this sensitive skin should be of good quality. We want people to choose clothes in the same way they choose foods that are good for them. With this in mind, takes. has developed original materials made in Japan, starting from the fabric. The main material is TAKEFU made of 100% bamboo, developed by the Nafa Life Research Institute led by Masahiko Aida, who focused on the antibacterial properties of bamboo and created the material for use in medical gauze. While most bamboo materials are mixed with chemical fibers, TAKEFU uses a special technology to convert just bamboo into a comfortable rayon. TAKEFU has excellent moisture absorption and heat retention properties, so it provides a cool sensation in summer and warmth in winter. It also has anti-static properties. It is truly a natural material that is comfortable 365 days a year. Bamboo has also been used as a detoxifying agent in Chinese medicine for centuries, and is said to have deodorizing and antibacterial properties. Medical gauze made of TAKEFU heals faster than cotton gauze due to its ability to prevent the growth of bacteria. Organic cotton is blended into the fabric to maximize the characteristics of TAKEFU. The combination of organic cotton, with its firmness and elasticity, produces a fabric that holds its shape and creates a light material with texture. TAKEFU makes up at least 50% of the fabric, and we are still making improvements.



We aim to contribute to our customers, to our makers and sellers, and to society. Our T-shirts are made by people who share our spirit of "sampo yoshi("three way satisfaction", or a "win-win for all")" and the goodness of TAKEFU. The manufacturers that develop the materials, the spinning mills that make the yarn, and the textile manufacturers that turn the yarn into fabric are all world-class professionals located in Japan.

They have developed and provided TAKEFU, our main material. And above all, they are the reason why TAKEFU was born.

They are the pioneers of organic cotton in Japan, and they work with us every day to find the best natural materials to use with TAKEFU.

The unique fabric of takes. t-shirts is woven at this factory in Wakayama.



Our goal is to create T-shirts that return to the earth. Most of the everyday fabrics and materials in the world are processed with additional chemicals, but at takes. we choose to use organic materials in combination with 100% bamboo TAKEFU. The thread used in construction are no exception to this rule. Rather than polyester thread, often chosen for convenience, at .takes we use cotton thread. Although cotton thread is more difficult to use in the construction process due to its tendency to snap, our t-shirts sewn with cotton thread are a testament to our expert craftsmanship. Our concern for the environment continues even after the t-shirts are finished, and we try to avoid using plastic materials as much as possible in all stages of transportation and sales. These efforts are also part of our commitment to the SDGs*. takes. is working towards number 14, "Protect the abundance of oceans," and the number 15, "Protect the abundance of greenery.

*"SDGs" is an abbreviation for "Sustainable Development Goals," common goals of the international community to be achieved by 2030, which were set at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. The SDGs consist of 17 items that address issues such as environmental destruction, human rights, and disparities between the rich and the poor for the prosperity of people and the planet.